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Map of races near OX1 1HR

Information (e.g., entry forms, results and photos) for running races (e.g., 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon), both road races and multi-terrain, that are in Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks, parts of Glos, Hants, Northants and Wilts, ...     Generated: Thu 29 Aug at 14:00:47 BST

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Postponement/cancellation of races. I've now been through all the races until the end of July and have updated the adverts for those races that have been cancelled or postponed. I haven't made any changes to those races that have currently suspended taking new entries. Please e-mail me about any errors or if you see a cancellation or postponement that I've missed.

Latest postal/online entry forms. Woodley 10KFairford 10KFirkin 5 Mile RunSuperhero RunFestival 5K (Basingstoke)Westonbirt House Easter 10K and Half MarathonSt Albans 10K - AugustBedford 20Staines 10KWhitchurch 10K and 5KBinfield 10KBracknell Half Marathon.

Recent results. Gloucester 20, Goring 10K, MK Half Marathon and Festival of Running, Banbury 15, Ashridge Boundary Run, Teddy Hall Relays, SMaRTT Smasher 10K, Stowe Winter Trail Run 3, Hillingdon 20, Draycote Water 20M - March

Missing results. Please email me if you know where there's a web page giving the results for: Burghclete 5K and 10K.

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Other regional lists. For races near North East England, visit www.northeastraces.co.uk. For Sussex, visit www.sussexraces.co.uk.

This web page displays a map that has pushpins that show where races are taking place. Although prior to June 2018 this web page worked using a map from Google Maps, it didn't work during Summer 2018 because Google wanted my credit card details if I continued to use Google Maps. However, this web page is now working again as in October 2018 I switched to using maps from Ordnance Survey.

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The map has pushpins that show where races are taking place. Click on a pushpin to get more details about a race.

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