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2018 Downlands Dash

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2018 Downlands Dash

The 2018 Downlands Dash took place at Compton in Berkshire on 10th June 2018.
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Unfortunately, the upload system has not uploaded all the photos. The following frames are currently missing:
0080 0169 0186 0276 0319 0333 0338 0393 0395 0430 0551 0620 0721 0857 0922 0923 0952 0985 1207 1233 1372 1385 1396 1478 1604 1640 1725
The missing frames will be added when all the photos have been uploaded. So you may want to revisit the albums later.

Use this calculator to get a rough idea of your times at the points where I took photos.

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The photos are available for you to download (free of charge). If you put a photo somewhere public (including social media), please add the credit Photo by Barry Cornelius. Thanks. Each of the above links takes you to a set of thumbnails on flickr. If you click on one of the thumbnails, it displays just this photo. If you wish to download this photo, click on the download icon in the bottom right hand corner. Then click on a size. You should then get a popup asking whether you want to open the file or save it.
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