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Course maps

Information (e.g., entry forms, results and photos) for running races (e.g., 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon), both road races and multi-terrain, that are in Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks, parts of Glos, Hants, Northants and Wilts, ...      Generated: Fri 25 Jun at 07:23:37 BST

This web page lists those races where someone has provided some information about the route of the race.

Whenever possible, the table below has a link to a web page provided by the organisers of the race that has a map showing the route of the race or provides detailed information about the route. If I've been unable to find such a map, the table may provide a link to the map produced by the course measurer (if there is one on the web). Failing those two possibilities, the table provides a link or links to maps that others have provided. Important: unless the map has been provided by the organisers, the map may be inaccurate or out-of-date. I think those that are in the column OK are accurate whereas I don't know about those that are in the column dunno.

The date column gives the date when the race will next take place or the date when I have a record of it last taking place.

datename of raceofficialmeasurer'sother
1SunNov032019ARC South West Chilly Road Relaysmap
2SunOct032021ATW Dorney Lake Marathonmap
3SatApr032021ATW Dorney Lake Marathonmap
4SunOct032021Abbots Langley Tough Tenmap
5SunJan122020Abingdon 10Kmap
6SunOct242021Abingdon Marathonmap and map
7SunJun272021Aldbury 5map
8SatAug292020Alderton 5Kmap
9SatMay082021All Nations 5K and 10Kmap
10SunOct172021Ampthill Trophy Cross Country 10Kmap
11SunSep062020Andover Trail Half Marathonmap
12SunSep052021Andover Trail Marathonmap
13SatApr042020April Dorney Lake Spring 5K/10K/15Kmap
14SatApr042020April Dorney Lake Spring Halfmap
15SatMar142020Ashridge Boundary Runmap
16SatJul042020Ashridge Trail Half Marathonmap
17SatDec262020Aylesbury Boxing Day Racemap
18SunMar212021Banbury 15map
19TueJul132021Banbury 5 milemap and map
20SunOct032021Basingstoke 10Kmap
21SunOct032021Basingstoke Half Marathonmap
22MonApr052021Beaconsfield 5map
23SunAug012021Bearbrook 10Kmap
24SunSep122021Beat the Boat 10Kmap
25SunJul182021Bedford 10Kmap
26SunMar242019Bedford 20map
27SatSep052020Bedford 5Kmap
28SunDec012019Bedford Harriers Half Marathonmap
29FriJul302021Bedfordshire AAA 10Kmap
30SunSep092018Big Fun Run 5K - Coventrymap
31SunSep022018Big Fun Run 5K - Milton Keynesmap
32SunOct112020Binfield 10Kmap and map
33SunOct102021Blenheim 7Kmap
34SunSep262021Blenheim Palace Half Marathon and 10Kmap
35FriJun042021Blisworth 5 milemap
36SatSep262020Boddington Marathonmap
37SunFeb282021Bourton 10Kmap
38SunJun142020Bourton Hilly Half and 10Kmap
39SunSep052021Bovingdon Parish 10Kmap
40ThuDec262019Boxing Day 5K (Pinewood Trails)map
41SunJun132021Brackley 10K Chicken Runmap
42SunSep052021Bracknell Half Marathonmap
43SunFeb142021Bramley 20/10map
44SunMay242020Bredon Cricket Club Tower Runmap
45WedJun032020Broadway Hill Charity Race (To the Tower)map
46SunMay172020Buckingham Half Marathonmap
47SatOct232021Bucks Epic Trail 10Kmap
48SunJul042021Burford Boltmap
49SunMar082020Burghclete 5K and 10Kmap
50SunAug152021Burnham Beeches Half Marathon and 10Kmap
51SunAug222021Buscot Run 10K and 5Kmap
52SunSep052021CPM Thame 10Kmap
53SunOct312021Calne Clock Change Challenge 10K/5K - Autumnmap
54SunMar292020Calne Clock Change Challenge 10K/5K - Springmap
55SunApr112021Cattle Creep ... A Little Furthermap
56ThuJun172021Cattle Creep 10Kmap
57MonMay032021Chalgrove Festival 10Kmap
58WedJul212021Chase The Sun Coventry 5K and 10K - Julymap
59ThuJul092020Chedworth Midsummer Run Outmap
60SunSep122021Chedworth Roman Trailmap
61SunMay232021Cheltenham Challengemap
62SunSep052021Cheltenham Half Marathon and 10Kmap
63SunMay032020Chieveley Chasemap
64SunJul042021Chiltern Chasemap
65SatJan092021Chiltern XC League Match 4 - Bedfordmap
66SunJun092019Chippenham 5 Mile Road Racemap
67SunSep122021Chippenham Half Marathonmap
68WedJun232021Chippenham Longest Day 10Kmap
69SunApr052020City of Gloucester 10K Runmap
70WedJun022021Cleeve Cloud Cuckoomap
72SunJun092019Collingbourne Half Marathonmap
73SunAug232020Compton Bassett 5map
74SatAug152020Compton Downland Challengemap
75SunJul182021Compton Verney Half Marathonmap
76WedJul212021Corby 5 milemap
77SunSep222019Cornbury Classicmap
78SunSep262021Corsham 10Kmap
79SatSep042021Cotswold Classic 10map
80SatJul032021Cotswold Way Relaymap
81SunSep122021Culworth Fun Runmap
82SatJun202020Cumnor Royal British Legion 5Kmap
83SunMay032020Danesfield Dashmap
84SunMay242020Dauntsey 10Kmap
85SunSep222019Daventry Road Race 10Kmap
86SunJun232019David McNamee Memorial 10K Runmap
87SunSep202020Deddington Four Farms Challengemap
88SunOct042020Devizes Half Marathonmap
89ThuJun112020Dinton Pastures Summer Series Race 2map
90ThuJul092020Dinton Pastures Summer Series Race 3map
91ThuAug122021Dinton Pastures Summer Series Race 4map
92ThuAug062020Dinton Pastures Summer Series Race 4map
93SatNov132021Dirt Half Challengemap
94SatSep052020Dorney Lake 20M Racemap
95SatDec142019Dorney Lake Christmas Halfmap
96SunSep122021Dorney Lake Marathon Prep Racemap
97WedJul212021Doug Anderson 5Kmap
98SunJul072019Downlands Dashmap
99SunApr122020Draycote Water 10K - Aprilmap
100SunDec132020Draycote Water 10K - December - Santa Dashmap
101SunJul122020Draycote Water 10K - Julymap
102SunJun142020Draycote Water 10K - Junemap
103SunMay102020Draycote Water 10K - Maymap
104SatFeb222020Draycote Water 10M - Februarymap
105SunJul122020Draycote Water 10M - Julymap
106SunNov082020Draycote Water 10M - Novembermap
107SunMar082020Draycote Water 20M - Marchmap
108SunSep132020Draycote Water 20M - Septembermap
109SunDec132020Draycote Water 5M - December - Santa Dashmap
110SunAug092020Draycote Water Half Marathon - Augustmap
111SunOct112020Draycote Water Half Marathon - Octobermap
112WedAug182021Draycote Water Midweek Races - Augustmap
113SunDec162018Draycote Water Santa Dashmap
114TueJul072020Draycote Water Seven at Severnmap
115SunOct132019Draycote Water Winter 10Ks Race 1 - Octobermap
116SunNov102019Draycote Water Winter 10Ks Race 2 - Novembermap
117SunDec082019Draycote Water Winter 10Ks Race 3 - Decembermap
118SunJan122020Draycote Water Winter 10Ks Race 4 - Januarymap
119SatFeb222020Draycote Water Winter 10Ks Race 5 - Februarymap
120SunMar082020Draycote Water Winter 10Ks Race 6 - Marchmap
121SatAug252018Emily's Star 5K and 10K Runsmap
122SunSep232018Emmer Green 10Kmap
123SunAug292021Englefield 10Kmap
124SunDec152019Evesham Festive 10Kmap
125SunJul052020Evesham Town 10Kmap and map
126SatDec112021F3 Dorney Lake 5K/10K/15K - Decembermap
127SatDec112021F3 Dorney Lake Half - Decembermap
128SatSep042021F3 Dorney Lake Half - Septembermap
129SunJun132021Fairford 10Kmap
130SatFeb082020February Dorney Lake Winter Halfmap
131SunMay232021Festival 5K (Basingstoke)map
132SunSep192021Firkin 5 Mile Runmap
133SatJul102021FixAddiction Summer 5K and 10Kmap
134SunMar152020Fleet Half Marathonmap
135SunAug292021Flying Monk Malmesbury 10Kmap
136SunSep162018Foxtrot 5map
137MonJun282021Frampton 10Kmap
138SunMay032020Gaddesden Gallopmap
139SunJan272019Gayton Runmap
140SunJun272021Gibbet Challengemap
141SatJan022021Gibbet Hangovermap
142SunJul042021Gloucester 10Kmap
143SunNov212021Gloucester 10K (from Quedgeley)map
144SunAug052018Gloucester City Marathon and Half Marathonmap
145SunJan202019Gloucester Half Marathonmap
146SatSep012018Gloucester Road Relaysmap
147FriApr102020Good Friday 10map
148SunMar142021Goring 10Kmap
149SunNov112018Grand Union Half Marathon - Autumnmap
150SatMay092020Great Weston Runmap
151SunOct112020Grittleton 10Kmap
152FriMay072021Hagbourne Fun Run and Walkmap
153SunJun202021Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon and Halfmap
154SunOct032021Hanney 5map
155TueJul062021Harborough 5 milemap
156SunNov282021Hatfield 5map
157SunJun092019Hazlemere Super 5map
158SunJul182021Hell-Fire Half Marathon and 10Kmap
159MonAug302021Helmdon Hurlermap
160SunOct212018Henley 10Kmap
161SunSep262021Henley 10K Trail Run - Septembermap
162SunSep262021Henley Half Marathon Trail Run - Septembermap
163SunOct102021Henley Half Marathon and 10Kmap
164SunSep232018Hercules Festival of Sport - St Albansmap
165SunApr182021Highworth 5map
166SunSep052021Hillingdon 20map
167SunOct282018Holdenby XC Runmap
168SunJul192020Hollowell Hill 5map
169SunMay162021Hook 10K and 10Mmap
170SatJul172021Hornton Classic 6map
171SunMay022021Houghton 11K Trail Runmap
172SunSep262021Hullavington 10Kmap
173SunMay162021Hullavington 5Kmap
174SunMay162021Hullavington Half Marathonmap
175SunSep262021Hullavington Marathonmap
176SunDec192021Hullavington Secret Santa 10map
177SunJun212020Hungerford Harey 8map
178SatMay022020Hurstbourne 5map
179SatApr032021Immortal 10K Farmoormap
180SatJan112020January Dorney Lake Winter Halfmap
181SunSep122021Kenilworth Half Marathonmap
182SatJun202020Kingham 10K Runmap
183SunJun282020Kings Langley Puffatenmap
184SunJun072020Kintbury 5map and map
185SunJun272021Lacock Abbey Half, 10K and 5Kmap
186WedMay132020Langley Park 5K Summer Series Race 1map
187WedJun172020Langley Park 5K Summer Series Race 2map
188WedJul152020Langley Park 5K Summer Series Race 3map
189SatAug072021Lark Stoke Quad Challenge - Race 2map
190SunSep052021Launton Lollopmap
191SunApr052020Leighton Fun Runners 10Kmap
192WedJun092021Lethbridge 10Kmap
193SunJun232019Long Crendon Steeple to Steeple Challengemap
194SunSep192021Longworth 10Kmap
195WedJul142021MK 10Kmap
196SatJun262021MK Half Marathonmap
197SunSep052021MK Half Marathon and Festival of Runningmap
198SunJun272021MK Marathonmap
199SatJun262021MK Rocket 5Kmap
200SunAug222021MK Summer Half Marathonmap
201FriJun252021MK Turing 10Kmap
202SunDec122021MK Winter Half Marathon - Sundaymap
203SunSep272020MK5K PB Special - Septembermap
204SunMar242019Mad March Hare (Swindon)map
205FriApr022021Maidenhead Easter Tenmap
206SunNov282021Mapledurham Half Marathon and 10Kmap
207SunDec062020Mapledurham Ten - 10M/10Kmap
208SatMar162019March Dorney Lake Winter 20 Mile Runmap
209SatMar142020March Dorney Lake Winter 5K/10K/15Kmap
210SatMar142020March Dorney Lake Winter Halfmap
211SunSep132020Marlborough Temple Trail Half Marathonmap
212SunSep132020Marlborough Tiny Temple 7 Milermap
213SunMay092021Marlow 5map
214SunNov072021Marlow Half Marathon and 7Mmap
215FriJul232021Marston Forest 5Kmap
216SatSep112021Marsworth 10Kmap
217MonApr052021Massey Ferguson RC Tractor 10Kmap
218SatMay252019Maverick x TRIBE Run Free Marathon/Half Marathonmap
219SunSep162018Melksham 10Kmap
220SunJun272021Midsummer Murder 10map
221TueAug032021Milton Keynes 10Kmap
222SunFeb162020Milton Keynes 10K and 5K Winter Warmer Runmap
223SunMar082020Minchinhampton 10Kmap
224SatOct092021Misbourne Trail Race 10K and 5Kmap
225SatNov272021MoRun - Milton Keynesmap
226SunSep192021Moor Park 10kmap
227ThuApr292021Mota-vation Race 1 Charlton-on-Otmoormap
228ThuMay272021Mota-vation Race 2 Bletchingdonmap
229ThuMay302019Mota-vation Race 2 Bletchingdonmap
230ThuJun242021Mota-vation Race 3 Combe Imap
231ThuJul292021Mota-vation Race 4 Combe IImap
232SunFeb162020Naseby 1645map
233SunDec092018Nether Heyford Santa Runmap
234SunMay232021Nettlebed Stinger 10Kmap
235SunDec292019New Year Pace Racemap
236SunMay242020Newbury 10Kmap
237SunSep122021Newbury Racecourse 5K, 10K and Half - Septembermap
238SatJul032021Newport Pagnell Carnival 5Kmap
239SunSep262021Northampton Half Marathon and Size 6map
240SunMay172020Northleach 10Kmap
241SatNov172018November Dorney Lake Autumn Classic Half PMmap
242SatNov142020November Dorney Lake Halfmap
243SunMar282021Oakley 20Mmap
244SunOct202019October Dorney Lake Autumn Halfmap
245SatOct102020October Dorney Lake Halfmap
246SatNov282020Original Buckinghamshire 22K/14K/8Kmap
247SatMay152021Original Gloucestershire 23K/16K/7Kmap
248SatDec052020Original Oxfordshire 22K/11K/7Kmap
249SatJun052021Otmoor Challengemap
250SunJun202021Oversley Trail 10Kmap
251SunJun272021Oxford Town and Gown 10Kmap
252SunJan062019Oxfordshire XC Round 3 - Oxfordmap
253SunMar072021Oxfordshire XC Round 5 - Henley on Thamesmap
254SunSep192021Pangbourne 10Kmap
255SunDec202020Pednor 10map
256SunJun272021Pendock Spring Chicken Runmap
257SunJun092019QOF Badass 10Kmap
258SunJun062021RT Northampton 10Kmap
259SunMay102020Reading 10K - previously known as the Royal Berkshire 10Kmap
260SunOct102021Reading O2O 10Kmap
261SunSep192021Regency 10Kmap
262SatJul172021Ricky Road Runmap and map
263SunSep192021Ridge Off Roadermap
264SatJun292019Ridgeway Revengemap
265SatOct022021Ridgeway Run (Ashbury)map
266SunJul212019Ridgeway Run Festivalmap
267SunOct172021Rotary Blenheim 10K and 5Kmap
268SunApr252021Rotary Shakespeare Marathon and Half Marathonmap
269SunMay172020Royal Windsor Half Marathon River Trail Run - POSTPONEDmap
270SunDec202020Rudolphs Rampagemap
271WedJul282021Rugby 6 milemap
272SunOct242021Rugby Half Marathonmap
273SunNov212021Rugged Radnage 10K and 5Kmap
274SunJun212020Run Bedfordmap
275SunOct242021Run Dorney 5K and 10K - Octobermap
276SatJun122021Run Dorney 5K, 10K and Half Marathon - Junemap
277SunAug082021Run Harwellmap
278SunOct102021Run Silverstonemap
279SatMay292021Run The Rock 5K and 10Kmap
280SunJun282020Run Wexham 10K and 5Kmap
281SunOct102021Run Wytham Woods 10Kmap
282SunFeb172019Run for Rotary 10K - Februarymap
283SunNov252018Run for Rotary 10K - Novembermap
284SunOct072018Run for Rotary 10K - Octobermap
285SunSep122021Run the Claydonsmap
286SunMay162021RunReading Half and Goring Gap Marathon and 50Kmap
287SunOct072018Rutherford Appleton Running Event (RARE) 10K and 5Kmap
288SunSep052021Salcey Forest Half Marathon and 10Kmap
289SatSep052020September Dorney Lake Halfmap
290SunDec272020Sherfield 10Kmap
291SatApr172021Shutford Circular 5K and 10K Trail Runsmap
292SatJun202020Shutford Circular 5K and 10K Trail Runs - POSTPONEDmap
293SunJun272021Silsoe Stride 5K and 10Kmap
294SunJan242021Slaughterford 9map
295SunFeb162020Slaughters Christmas 10K for Brathaymap
296SunOct142018Slough Half Marathonmap
297SunJul042021Sonning 10K and 5Kmap
298SunOct032021South Bucks 10Kmap
299FriApr102020St Albans 10K - Aprilmap
300SunJun132021St Albans Half Marathon and 5Kmap
301SunAug082021St Albans Summer 10Kmap
302MonJun212021St Albans Summer Solstice 10Kmap
303SunSep222019St. Andrews Chedworth Runsmap
304SunJul012018St. Catherine's Run/Walk Challenge 10K/5Kmap
305SunAug082021Standish Woodland Chasemap
306SunSep132020Stanwick Lakes - Autumn Runmap
307SunJan312021Staverton 10map
308SunSep192021Stevington 12Kmap
309SatSep262020Stockley Park 10Kmap
310SunSep052021Stratford's Big 10Kmap
311WedJul142021Stroud Beer Racemap
312SunOct242021Stroud Half Marathonmap
313SatAug042018Summer Mapledurham Ten - 10Kmap
314SunNov212021Sutton Benger Flyer 5 Milermap
315SunNov212021Swindon 10Kmap
316SunSep192021Swindon Half Marathonmap
317SunOct132019Tadley 10Mmap
318WedMar102021Teddy Hall Relaysmap
319FriJun252021Tempo Run For Beer Relaymap
320SunApr042021Tempo Winter Series - Race 2map
321SunNov242019Tempo Winter Series - Race 2map
322SunNov182018Tempo Winter Series - Race 2map
323SunApr182021Tempo Winter Series - Race 3map
324SunDec302018Tempo Winter Series - Race 3map
325SunMay022021Tempo Winter Series - Race 4map
326SunJan202019Tempo Winter Series - Race 4map
327SunFeb202022Tempo Winter Series - Race 5map
328SunMay232021Tempo Winter Series - Race 5map
329SunFeb162020Tempo Winter Series - Race 5map
330SunFeb172019Tempo Winter Series - Race 5map
331SunMay162021Tewkesbury Half Marathonmap
332ThuJul042019Thames 10K and 5K at Beale Parkmap
333SunAug222021Thorpe and Egham 10K and Half Marathonmap
334SunFeb072021Thorpe and Egham Half Marathon and 10Kmap
335SunJul072019Tim's Tadley 10Kmap
336SunMar222020Twin Lakes 20map
337SunOct062019Twyford Charity Family Fun Runmap
338WedJul212021Waddesdon Manor Summer 5Kmap
339SunOct242021Water of Life 10K and Half Marathonmap
340SunJul122020Watership Down 10K and 5Kmap
341SunFeb022020Watford Half Marathonmap
342SunDec012019Watlington XC XKmap
343SunJul212019Watlington XC XKmap
344TueJun222021Weedon 10Kmap
345SunAug012021Wellingborough 5map
346SunDec132020Westonbirt House Christmas 10Kmap
347SatOct312020Westonbirt House Easter 10Kmap
348SunOct182020Whitchurch 10K and 5Kmap
349SunApr112021White Horse Half Marathonmap
350SunDec082019Wickstead Wandermap
351SunFeb092020Wiltshire 10map
352SunOct312021Winchester 10Kmap
353SunSep192021Winchester Half Marathonmap
354SunSep262021Windsor Half Marathonmap
355SunDec202020Winter Woolly 10Kmap
356SatSep042021Woburn Abbey 10K and 5Kmap
357SunAug162020Wokingham 5K/10Kmap
358SunDec202020Wolverton 5Kmap
359SatSep252021Womens 10K Windsormap
360SunSep052021Woodchester Park Multi-Terrain Racemap
361SunJan102021Woodcote 10Kmap
362SunOct252020Woodley 10Kmap
363WedJul012020Yateley 10K Road Race Series Race 2map
364WedAug042021Yateley 10K Road Race Series Race 3map
365WedAug052020Yateley 10K Road Race Series Race 3map