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Information (e.g., entry forms, results and photos) for running races (e.g., 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon), both road races and multi-terrain, that are in Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks, parts of Glos, Hants, Northants and Wilts, ...     Generated: Thu 29 Aug at 14:00:47 BST

postalClosing (cd)

This is the closing date for the receipt of a postal entry form.

In the table, the following are used for the value of postalClosing (cd):

e.g., Dec25when I last looked at the race information, it indicated that the postal closing date is December 25th;
none giventhe race information does not seem to indicate a postal closing date;
limitthe race information does not indicate a postal closing date as the race is popular and will reach the limit;
n/athe race information indicates that entries will only be on the day;
?either the race information does not seem to indicate a postal closing date or the race information is not yet available.

Even if an advert gives a closing date, the organisers may have changed it after I added the advert to the web site. Please check the organiser's web page to see what the closing date is.